Lightspeed X-Series H2 Power Processor

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American Lightspeed X-Series H2 Passive Power Processor

  • All Lightspeed power processing products sold by our company are licensed and made in the United States .

  • Hyper Drive Technology Hyper Drive Technology
  • Power phase correction makes the equipment "full" and display its "true strength"
  • The power supply is a straight-through design from the input to the output point. There are no parts such as coil and fire. It achieves no compression, dynamics like a runaway wild horse, and the sound is calm and detailed.
  • The body design is simple and direct, with no redundant circuits or lines and no noise of its own.
  • No heat, no sound deterioration caused by aging parts, basically no need for maintenance, long-term capital preservation investment
  • Digital and analog equipment are internally isolated to minimize mutual interference between equipment.
  • No own tone, tone coloring ~ Provide a good "standard" platform for purchasing and playing good equipment
  • High efficiency, small size, placed on the side or behind the equipment rack for better space planning
  • 30-year-old brand, all lines made in the United States, quality guaranteed
  • Volume: 483 x 235 x 135 mm (19 x 9.25 x 5.3 in.)
  • **This product is for export only**

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