LoRad 1.5 power cord

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LoRad 1.5 power cord

The LoRad 1.5 second-generation improved power cord, which implements the Low Radiation concept, contains 3 groups of 5N acid-free copper cores (Tin Plated 5N OFC) each covered with two layers of PVC insulation material. ), and fixed in place with the help of 3 sets of yarn and polyester tape. The shielding link uses semi-conductive carbon/nylon webbing and is connected with a shielding lead composed of 66 strands of acid-free copper wire cores with a diameter of only 0.07mm, effectively blocking the occurrence of magnetic field interference.

The LoRad 1.5 CS-BS power cord with a maximum continuous current of 10A will be equipped with self-developed and produced SWF10 (IEC-320 specification) and SW-BS British 13A power plug. As for LoRad 1.5 CS-US, it will use SWF10 (IEC -320 specification) and SW-US American 15A power plug.

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