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M&K Sound S150 speaker (new version)

The new S150 series, as the benchmark for a new generation of M&K SOUND, fully utilizes the unit technology of the flagship model S300 model. The diameter of the tweeter unit is enlarged to 1.1 inches. It is known as the first "real upgrade" in the history of the classic S150 series. Invite you to share the only choice for professional audio and video workers around the world, and you can have an unbeaten legend beyond the limits at home.

The original M&K SOUND S150 series was born in the 1990s . Its epoch-making classic design can withstand high power and high sound pressure, and has extremely low sound coloration and low distortion characteristics, making the S150 series the listening monitor designated by major professional recording studios in the world. Speaker, set a standard that is difficult to surpass!

  • Exclusive three-treble array reduces high-frequency distortion and spatial reflection sound
  • Aluminum alloy thickened and widened integrated front plate
  • The new tweeter can withstand higher power and has better linear characteristics
  • Newly designed waveguide optimizes treble dispersion
  • Mid-bass unit glass fiber cone has high rigidity and lower distortion
  • Using Faraday Ring to Reduce Distortion

The legendary S150 is the culmination of more than 40 years of loudspeaker design and acustic solution for any critical audio and video recordings.

What this updated version of the legendary studio monitor does in the conveyance of exactly what is there in the recorded source, no more and no less, is difficult to formulate in just a few words.

Essentially, it does pretty much nothing, except open up a wide, clean, clear window on every aspect of recorded sound, allowing you to shift your personal focus as you choose between specific details, instruments or voices, while never losing sight of the totality of the overall musical experience.

Specifications for the S150 Speaker

Impedance 4 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power: 25-500W
Bass/Midrange: 2 x 5,25” Fiberglass
High Frequency Driver: 3 x 1.1” Soft Fabric Dome
Frequency Response: 75 Hz – 20KHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity: 92dB, 2.83V1m


Dimensions HxWxD: 31,8 x 26,6 x 30,8 cm / 12,5 x 10,4 x 12,2”
Weight: 11.5 kg / 25.4 lbs


Finish: Black satin

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