Optoma ML1050ST Mini LED Projector

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  • Type short throw LED projector

    • 1000 lumens - further evolution of micro-projection brightness
    • Short throw design: 1.7M projection 100 inches
    • Only 450g – palm-sized and easy to carry
    • Built-in Office Viewer reading function
    • Automatic ladder correction
    • Support MHL, synchronize large screen on mobile phone/tablet

LED light source design - high brightness, wide color gamut

Using environmentally friendly and advanced LED light source technology, it has color performance beyond the wide color gamut, making the picture crystal clear and more vivid and gorgeous.

Short throw lens design

It only requires 1.7 meters to project a 100-inch HD large screen, and the space configuration is more flexible. From now on, you no longer have to compromise on the projection space. Use the shortest distance to enjoy the greatest shock!

Only 450g - palm-sized and easy to carry

ML1050ST adopts a lightweight and easy-to-carry design concept. The size is greatly reduced, and the weight is reduced to 450 grams, allowing you to easily put it in a carry-on bag or briefcase. It is also made of advanced composite materials to make the body stronger and more durable when moving. It is not easily damaged in collisions and is the best partner for mobile users.

1,000 lumens micro-projection brightness further evolved

The 1,000 lumen high-brightness mobile projector, in addition to the color performance beyond the wide color gamut of LED, the high brightness allows you to have excellent performance in presentations and entertainment; it also has accurate color reproduction with a high contrast ratio (20,000:1), providing Your best viewing experience.

Automatic trapezoidal correction, no image deformation

The built-in gyro sensor can detect the projector's elevation angle, upright/reverse status, and automatically correct the screen to make viewing more comfortable.

Closed opto-mechanical design

The optical path and heat dissipation operate separately, with high environmental tolerance and can be used commercially for a long time. In addition, ML750ST supports vertical and 360-degree projection, making projection applications more widely available.

Automatic playback function at startup

Can be used for digital signage or product display.

Support 3D stereoscopic projection

Paired with Optoma ZD302 3D glasses, the binocular parallax effect is used to present a three-dimensional picture without color distortion.

*Only supports computer 3D projection, not Blu-ray 3D.
(Computer signal: 1024×768/800×600@120Hz)

Built-in Office browser

Through the built-in memory, Micro SD card, USB flash drive, and external hard drive, Office document files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) can be directly read, adding convenience.

SD card/USB file reading function

The built-in Micro SD card slot and USB file reading function allow you to read and play high-definition videos, pictures, Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) without connecting any player to the computer, and more Add convenience.

5 times longer light source life than traditional light bulbs

The life of traditional projector bulbs is only 4,000 hours. The ML750ST uses the most advanced environmentally friendly LED light source with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, which is 5 times that of traditional light bulbs. It allows you to save 5 times the cost of replacing bulbs and contribute to environmental protection.

Supports MHL transmission, no longer a head-turner at home

With built-in MHL transmission, the Smart Phone can be transformed into your large-screen entertainment and business center easily and without any settings. When connected, it can also charge the handheld device to avoid running out of power and affecting normal functions.

1) Only supports MHL Android system mobile devices (but the Samsung mobile device connector has special specifications and requires an additional adapter)
2) The UI operation interface design of each mobile device is different, and the remote control may not be able to operate some functions.

Mobile phone models that support MHL

Wireless audio and video connection function

Supports Wireless HD wireless projection, supports iOS/Android/Windows 7/Mac OS (WiFi dongle is optional)

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