MS Power MS-1080P V3 third generation six-position filtered lightning protection socket (British style)

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MS POWER MS1080P V3 (British style) 6-position filter and lightning protection six-position extension plate


● Fully obtained BS1363 safety certification, with main switch, the first choice for safety
● Upgraded power supply noise filtering technology to reduce EMI and RFI interference and improve audio and video replay quality
● Selected high-quality filter parts, accurate and reliable
● 48,000 amp lightning/surge protection
● The socket uses high-elastic phosphor bronze clips plated with 3.0um pure silver. It has passed 30,000 plug-and-pull tests and provides the best electrical conductivity.
● 5.0mm² pure copper main rail, extremely low internal consumption
● Original double shielded 3-core 6N OFC pure copper power cord, advanced anti-clean wire network
● Virgin injection molded power plug, N and L pins plated with 2.0µm pure silver
● The fuse clamp holder is made of 1.0µm pure silver-plated high-elastic phosphor bronze clip.
●High-grade sterling silver BS-1362 fuse
● The shell is made of American V-0 fireproof material, which is strong and durable.
● The world’s first, lifetime maintenance

Technical specifications

Number of sockets:
Socket specifications:
British BS-1363 standard
Power plug:
British BS-1363 standard, including 13 A fuse, without switch
British BS-1362 standard 13A fuse, placed in the plug
Indicator light:
power cable:
Complies with VDE safety standards, 2.0 meters long
Maximum continuous operating voltage:
200 - 240 volts
Maximum continuous working current:
13 amps
Maximum continuous working power:
3,000 watts
60mm x 402mm x 30mm (width x length x height)
net weight:
0.8 kg

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