MS Power MS-E02SRHK V2 78K silver-coated six-position filter socket (British style)

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The British ultra-low temperature professional-grade 78K freezing process enhances the overall performance and effect of MS-E02SRHK V2, and comprehensively improves the replay quality of sound and video systems .

- Specially reinforced external frozen 78K rhodium platinum ground wire makes the background darker and quieter, and the sound is fully displayed .

- Comprehensively upgraded the refrigerated power cord of the machine. MS-E02SRHK V2 uses MS 78K MS323NRHK 13A plug and MS9310SK thick silver-plated 10A tail plug. It is also equipped with MS-FUSE-13A RHK 78K rhodium platinum 13A fuse to create the most powerful and perfect combination .

- Redesigned PRRT™ power noise filtering technology to eliminate audio/video signal interference, improve high and low frequencies and video, and reproduce the real scene effect .

- The 6-position socket uses precious metal high-elastic phosphor bronze clips, which have passed 30,000 insertion and extraction tests to ensure close contact, making current processing more stable and providing optimal conductive performance .

- The power clip and IEC socket in the 6-position socket are both plated with 1.0µm RHODIUM rhodium platinum extra-thick coating, which changes the internal resistance and improves the audio and video quality, greatly enhancing the current passing capacity of the socket .

- 5mm² silver-coated pure copper main rail, MS-E02SRHK V2 has extremely low internal consumption .

- 6mm² extra thick sterling silver 6N OFC internal wiring, soldered with 925 sterling silver .

- Heavy-duty, fully shielded high-grade metal casing to isolate radio interference .

- Equipped with 3 special pure copper vibration nails to prevent bad resonance .

- 1.0µm RHODIUM rhodium platinum extra thick coating IEC socket, the power cord can be freely replaced .

- High-speed resettable current overload circuit breaker provides optimal protection for equipment .

- Holds dual safety certifications of British standards BS1363 and BS5733, unique in the market

Technical specifications

Number of sockets:
Socket specifications:
British BS-1363 standard, without switch
External power socket:
IEC C-14
Maximum continuous operating voltage:
200 - 240 volts
Maximum continuous working current:
13 amps
Maximum continuous working power:
3, 120 watts ~ 6, 500 watts
Highest surge/surge protection:
2,100 Joules / 72,000 A
110mm x 410mm x 92mm (width x length x height)
net weight:
2.6 kg

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