MSB The Discrete DAC w/Network Renderer V2 streaming decoding version

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The Discrete DAC Refined sound. Elegant design.

MSB The Discrete DAC
w/Network Renderer V2 streaming decoding

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The MSB Discrete DAC decoder is positioned as the most user-friendly in the market, but the development concept also adheres to the fine traditions of its superior models. The impregnable body is also hollowed out from original aerospace-grade aluminum bricks, and the panel is also equipped with 119 white LEDs. display system composed of. For connection, the Discrete DAC provides 75Ω coaxial, 110Ω AES/EBU and 2 sets of optical Toslink inputs, plus 1 set of BNC Word Sync Out character clock output set. As for supporting 100-level digital sound control, it is equipped with high/low Band-gain switchable analog outputs will be provided with balanced XLR sockets.

2 sets of function expansion slots

The slim and space-saving Discrete DAC is also equipped with two sets of function expansion slots. Users can order various digital modules provided by the manufacturer at any time according to their personal wishes. The more commonly used modules include USB modules corresponding to MQA and Roon Ready. group, and also supports 32bit / 768kHz and 4x DSD signal Network Renderer V2 streaming module. If you still have an MSB optical turntable, you may consider the Dual ProI2S Input module that transmits I2S digital signals through the RJ45 interface.

Equipped with 2 sets of Prime DAC decoding modules

The unusually powerful Discrete DAC is equipped with MSB's unique dual-frequency high-precision clock generation circuit and the famous "Ladder" digital/analog switching system that works the same as the highest-grade Select DAC in the same category, and 2 sets of self-developed Prime DAC decoders. The modules each contain carefully planned fully balanced discrete native switching circuits, combined with self-written and sustainably upgraded multi-bit PCM and large-capacity parallel single-bit DSD operating firmware, to directly convert digital signals into analog voltage signals to create outstanding high-fidelity Real replay effect. Each Prime DAC decoding module will be stored in a thermally bonded shielded protective box to implement strict temperature monitoring. Before leaving the factory, it will undergo continuous testing and pairing through a uniquely developed automated measurement system to ensure quality. There must be something guaranteed.

Equipped with Discrete Power Supply split linear power supply

The MSB development team has always attached great importance to the power supply of the decoder, so it has specially arranged a compact but powerful split linear power supply for the Discrete DAC. The entire chassis is also made of hollowed-out aluminum bricks, with a built-in specially customized by the factory. Toroidal transformer, high-speed rectifier and large-capacity electrolytic reservoir. In the future, users can add an additional Discrete Power Supply to implement digital/analog power supply separation, or even replace it with a Premier Powerbase with higher quality to further enhance the sound performance.

Discrete DAC Specifications:

- Compatible formats: 32 Bit/3,072 kHz (PCM), 8 x DSD (DoP packet)
-Function expansion slot: 2 sets
- Digital interface: XLR, coaxial RCA, 2 x Toslink, BNC Word Sync Out
- Analog output: Balanced XLR (300Ω high gain, 150Ω low gain), up to 3.57Vrms
- Sound control: 106 levels of digital sound control, 1dB per level
- Volume (H x W x D): 68 x 432 x 305mm
- Weight: 8.2kg

Discrete Powerbase Specifications:

- Volume (H x W x D): 68 x 210 x 148mm
- Weight: 2.5kg

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