NRG-Z3 power cord

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Plug plug: US American style
Length length: 2m
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NRG-Z3 power cord

New experience for people with fever

AudioQuest of the United States has launched the new NRG-Z2 and NRG-Z3 fever power cord products, which have ranked first in sales for a long time and are cost-effective and affordable NRG-1.5 and NRG-2. NRG-Z2 is a two-core design. The two groups are each equipped with independent shielding layers and have independent silver-plated ground leads. PSC+ ultra-perfect surface pure copper conductors are produced using Semi-Solid Concentric Conductor Packing to ensure conductor The position does not change and helps reduce interaction distortion between conductors.

As for the slightly more expensive NRG-Z3, it adopts a three-core design. Each set of cores is composed of 7 sets of PSC perfect surface pure copper conductors, providing continuous current transmission. The live wire and neutral wire are also equipped with independent shielding layers and special silver-plated ground leads that are pre-connected to the ground of the power plug. Together with the patented ground loop noise emission technology Ground-Noise Dissipation (US Patent # 8,988,168) and the double ground wire design, they are effectively isolated. The ruthless invasion of radio frequency noise directly improves dynamics and eliminates noise.

Whether it is NRG-Z2 or NRG-Z3, they are also injected with the ultra-low DC impedance and zero characteristic impedance Zero Characteristic Impedance technology that the manufacturer is proud of. When paired with home theater systems, active speakers and other audio-visual electronic products, you will also get unexpected results. improve.

Note: American connections are for export only

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