Optoma Cinema X Pro 4K LaserTV Projection TV

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  • Optoma Cinema X Pro 4K LaserTV real machine on display
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  • This product enjoys 3-year warranty and free shipping (only in Hong Kong)
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Optoma Cinema X Pro
Flagship 4K laser ultra-short throw projection TV

  • High brightness 3,500 lumens, high dynamic contrast 2,500,000:1
  • Top-grade glass lens, fully presenting 8.3 million pixels 4K high quality
  • RGBYRGBY 8 segment color wheel
  • Built-in Nuforce top-quality audio
  • Can display 150" super large screen*
  • Ultra-short throw lens design, 30 cm throws a 100-inch large screen
  • Accurate color reproduction, excellent 120% color gamut coverage
  • Supports high dynamic range HDR10 and HLG
  • Intelligent dynamic black levels make black more layered
  • Long-lasting laser light source with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours (ECO mode)
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart voice control
  • Supports Blu-ray 3D for easy stereoscopic viewing
  • Optoma's exclusive Smart + intelligent platform

Details determine everything, reproducing the truth, goodness and beauty of the picture

Projecting 70 to 150-inch large 4K images at extremely close range brings you more realistic and vivid colors, ultra-high contrast, details and a smoother viewing experience.

Optoma Cinema X Pro Smart 4K LaserTV Laser TV

Flagship 4K UHD HDR laser smart theater,
Equipped with Dolby digital 2.0-channel audio, you can enjoy ultimate audio and video at home. It adopts a precision ultra-short throw glass lens with a throw ratio of only 0.25:1. It only takes less than 30cm from the front of the fuselage to the projection screen to project a 100-inch large screen.

Comfortable movie viewing experience

The projection light source is a reflected light source, which is different from the direct light source of traditional TVs. It does not consume your eyesight when viewed for a long time. Enjoy family entertainment time no longer limited by time!

Eye protection source design


+ protect eyes
+ lightweight design
+ The picture size is much larger than that of a TV
+ easy to move

The price of a 120-inch TV is beyond the reach of ordinary families, so Cinema X Pro is your excellent choice for home entertainment.

Excellent 121% color coverage

121% Rec.709 color gamut, colorful colors are faithfully presented.

Spectacular accurate color

Reality beyond imagination

The advanced image processing DLP 4K UHD chip provides precise, sharp, high-quality projection images. The single-chip design also avoids the problem of image failure to be calibrated.

Long-lasting laser light source is energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Precision optical-mechanical structure design, light source life up to 30,000 hours (ECO mode), no consumable costs and significant maintenance cost savings. Mercury-free design, friendly to the earth.

Optoma laser light source life: up to 30,000 Hours Conventional Bulb Light Source Life: 3,000 Hour

Environment friendly

Integrate the sounds of nature into one machine

Cinema Built-in smart Bluetooth connection, you can use your mobile device to play your favorite music anytime, anywhere. *Listen with headphones or high-end speakers, the difference will be more significant. The Ideal Combination
Ideal Sound and Shadow Combination The full-range driver delivers smooth mid-range frequencies, clear vocals and instrument sounds, while the woofer reproduces powerful bass, providing the best possible combination.
The aluminum speaker diaphragm with unique air-guiding structure design perfectly reproduces crystal-clear audio, wide range feedback, deep bass and gorgeous treble with low distortion.
Supports Dolby Sound to create an immersive sound experience that is both compact and powerful. Multi-channel surround sound brings you the shock of being at the scene! nuForce
Welcome the new smart home life

Optoma exclusively develops the Smart+ smart platform, which is built-in Android OS system and perfectly supports Optoma Connect, TapCst and SmartFIT apps, making your home entertainment smarter! smart+

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