Optoma D3+ 4K LaserTV Projection TV

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  • Optoma Cinema D3+ 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector LaserTV
  • HiVIHK Digital Video is the distributor of Optoma HK Premium
  • This product enjoys 3-year warranty and free shipping (only in Hong Kong)
  • Professional installation and certified audio calibration services are provided. Please call 3902 3606 for enquiries.

Optoma Cinema X D3+ 4K LaserTV
4K laser ultra-short throw projection TV

  • With picture quality close to P2, it eliminates the need for Smart system and Nuforce speakers, making it a more economical choice.
  • Equipped with perfect and accurate pixel correction to display true 4K UHD resolution
  • 3,000 high brightness lumens & 2,500,000:1 high contrast performance
  • HDR 10 & HLG high dynamic range, realistically restore all real scenes
  • Intelligent dynamic black levels make black more layered
  • DuraCore laser technology, 30,000hrs long light source life (Eco mode)
  • IP5X international dustproof certification, significantly reducing maintenance costs
  • 240Hz screen refresh rate/4ms ultra-low input delay, smooth picture without image afterimage
  • Four-corner correction and horizontal/vertical keystone correction, super convenient to install
  • Ultra-short throw lens design, 30cm throws a 100-inch large screen
  • Supports 3 x 3 grid surface adjustment for more realistic immersive curved screen projection
  • Supports eARC interface to deliver the most realistic sound quality

CinemaX D3+ perfectly replicates the immersive home theater scene. Equipped with Optoma's exclusive 4K UHD laser technology, it has the advantages of sharp images/excellent color contrast/low maintenance/quick power on and off. Compared with lamp projectors, it significantly reduces the cost of consumable replacement and Reduce carbon emissions pollution.

Laser light source lasts forever

Optoma's exclusive laser technology ensures a 30,000-hour light source life, providing long-lasting, bright and amazing image quality.


What is true 4K UHD resolution?

At least 8 million effective pixels can be called a true 4K display.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® defines 4K UHD resolution as having at least 8 million effective pixels

Optoma HDR

HDR10/HLG high dynamic range

CinemaX D3+ supports HDR10 and HLG signal content. When HDR and HLG signals are input, the projector will automatically switch to HDR / HLG display mode. Through Optoma HDR tone mapping technology, the colors of movies or games that support HDR / HLG can be made more accurate and the contrast more vivid.

The smartest and easiest way to watch every highlight of the movie

Press the button to switch to theater mode and easily enjoy high-contrast realistic scene images. Watching movies is that simple! At the same time, a red bright pulse will be activated to project the light pulse into the red range of the color wheel, thus presenting a more natural look. skin tones, better color saturation and a more pleasant viewing experience.


[Theatre] Display mode is brighter & clearer

  • 120% Rec. 709 true color gamut True-to-Life Color Gamut
  • Theater Level Gamma Curve Cinema-Tailored Gamma Curve
  • Bright and bright red performance More Vivid Reds

eARC delivers the most realistic theater sound effects

• eARC supports high-speed audio transmission up to 37 Mbps increasing from 1 Mbps ARC bandwidth.

• eARC makes connecting between AVR and projector easier. Supports 5.1 / 7.1 uncompressed audio channels. No AV receiver is required. Simply connect the audio source to the projector to complete the setup.

• If the Sound Blaster system supports eARC, there is no need to purchase a separate receiver and you can directly enjoy the sound effects brought by the next-generation audio format.

Note* eARC is the abbreviation of Enhanced Audio Return Channel (enhanced audio return channel)

eARC(Enhanced Audio Return Channel)

Optoma takes the gaming entertainment experience to the next level! CinemaX D3+ fulfills the long-awaited expectations of all gamers, with immersive large screen, true color restoration, ultra-low input lag, high screen refresh rate, and excellent contrast performance - regardless of general gaming or It is very suitable for fast-paced video game battles.

  • 120” projector 120” Projector
  • 55” screen 55” Monitor

Perfect video game graphics presentation

Video game enhancement mode

*HDMI1 supports video game enhanced mode.

Upgrade your video game graphics to perfectly match next-generation game consoles for an immersive gaming experience that feels like being in a movie scene


Support 4K@60Hz game content

CinemaX D3+ supports 240Hz@1080P and 60Hz@4K UHD rapid refresh rates, which complement the high-resolution graphics and advanced chip performance of next-generation game consoles, providing professional players with a smooth gaming experience that combines HDR high dynamic range and light and shadow tracking. With enhanced graphics, you can immerse yourself in lifelike video game scenes and fight enemies bravely.

4K large-screen entertainment is just around the corner

CinemaX D3+ is equipped with HAKO mini smart TV box, which provides Android TV services officially authorized by Google. Whether it is streaming audio and video platforms, games, movies and other 4K entertainment, you can connect it and have it instantly!

  • 4K UHD
  • 4K UHD
  • 4K UHD

Eye protection source design

CinemaX D3+ has a built-in PIR sensor that automatically detects and reduces the brightness of the laser light source when a child approaches the projector to protect the child's eyes from light stimulation.

  • normal brightness Indirect light
  • Brightness reduced Direct light

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