OS SCREEN SEG series electric curtain

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size: 80"
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Japan OS Screen SEG series electric screen

  • Tab Tension has good flatness and uses diffused fiberglass white plastic curtain.
  • Adopt remote control credit system imported from Japan. The shell spraying material adopts environmentally friendly paint in strict accordance with Japanese standards.
  • The center position of the projection screen and the housing is completely symmetrical, making it easy to position during installation.
  • Unique tension fine-tuning device enables timely adjustment of the flatness of the curtain
  • Standard infrared receiving configuration, fully compatible with central control

Japan's OS Screen SEG series WV901 is a newly launched electric cable-operated ultra-flat projection screen. The ultra-fine 4K screen material (screen pattern is less than 1μm) can perfectly analyze 4K ultra-fine pixels and restore the true colors of 4K ultra-wide color gamut.

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