Oyaide ACROSS 750 RR V2 RCA signal cable

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Length: 1M (pair)
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product specifications

project name ACROSS 750RR V 2
Cable structure single core conductor
cable conductor 102 SSC
Cable conductor structure 0.75 SQ (19/3 E twist)
cable insulation Polymer polyolefin (CIS structure)
Insulation Materials polyethylene
Cable shielding 102SSC side winding (100 wires/0.18mm)
Cable jacket Halogen-free sheath for audio
Cable outer diameter 8.0 mm
RCA Brass contacts rhodium plated

Precision Conductor "102 SSC"

  • The cable part has precision conductor ''102SSC'' wire.
  • To avoid impurities as much as possible, use pure copper without any recycled copper.
  • Remove 100% of impurities attached to the surface.
  • In order to make the signal transmission on the conductor surface smoother, natural diamond molds are used to thin the wires to improve the surface smoothness of the wires.
  • The processing accuracy of fine lines is ±1μm, which is much lower than the standard error of ±8μm.
  • In the stranding process, a high-density multipath conductor 3E stranded structure (patented) is used to increase density and roundness and stabilize electrical characteristics.
  • The mechanical stress and strain of the wire are eliminated by two annealings.
  • More complete product management

Patented technology "3E twisting" can twist wires of three different thicknesses

The 3E twisted structure is a concentric twisted array structure of collectively twisted conductors. By arranging three different wire diameters,
Densifying the stranded wire array reduces the diameter of the conductor structure and improves the conductor characteristic values.
The geometric arrangement of strands of these three different conductor diameters reduces the gaps between strands and improves conductor density.
As the outer diameter of the stranded wire decreases, a stable and high-precision wire body is maintained.

C.IS hollow structure air layer insulation ( Air Dielectric )
The structure uses an air layer as a damper to reduce capacitance and improve high-frequency characteristics. The basic architecture adopts a coaxial layout to make full use of the CIS structure.
The CIS structure supports the center conductor at points rather than surfaces, minimizing mutual interference between the center conductor and the outside world.
This method is based on releasing vibration rather than absorbing and attenuating vibration. Due to the air layer provided between the shielding layers, plus the insulating material is a polymer polyolefin, its dielectric constant is extremely low, only 1/4 of PVC. With these unique structures and materials, they help improve electrical properties.

Oyaide Electrical Traditional Special Halogen Free Sheath

For the external sheathing, we used a halogen-free sheath, dedicated to the oyaide electrical tradition, chosen in the elegant Beluga color (.
It matches any audio system without any dissonance. Mark "ACROSS 750 V 2" "102 SSC" on the sheath and clearly indicate the V 2 model number.

ACROSS 750 RR V2 special rhodium plated RCA plug
The RCA plug specially designed for ACROSS 750 RR has a 0.5μm thick rhodium plating layer on the brass conductor contacts to prevent contact corrosion.
In addition, low dielectric constant materials are used as internal insulation and reduce transmission losses.
The finest quality is achieved through fine tumble polishing, chrome plating and final mirror polishing.

Use suitable special solder "SS-47"

The plugs and cables are soldered using audio-specific "SS-47". "SS-47" uses 99.993% (4N) high-purity tin.
Silver and copper are mixed to improve conductivity. Ordinary alloy solder, the synthesis ratio of silver is 3~3.5%,
However, SS-47 uses up to "4.7%" silver, which greatly improves the conductivity.
Maximize the performance of the sound.

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