Audioquest Monsoon power cord

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Plug: UK
Length: 1M
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The American AudioQuest Monsoon monsoon power cord, wearing a blue/black mesh, is transplanted from the Niagara fever power processor's Zero (No) Characteristic Impedance current transmission technology, creating a steady stream of uncompressed current. Teleport. The conductors used include a specific number of single-direction long crystallized pure copper (LGC) and super-perfect surface pure copper (PSC+), which are processed with semi-solid concentric conductor packing (Semi-Solid Concentric Conductor Packing) to ensure that the conductor position will not be affected by long-term use. And produce changes.

The sound of Line Saint Monsoon is particularly cool

The more affordable Monsoon also adopts a four-core multi-strand layout. Ground-noise dissipation technology is added to the live and neutral links respectively, and the defense is composed of two layers of graphite synthetic material and silver-plated film. net, successfully converting noise into heat energy. Like the Blizzard, one of the ground wires in the Monsoon is only connected to the power plug, eliminating the chance of noise caused by ground loops.

Monsoon is suitable for network streaming players, CD turntables, decoders, Blu-ray players, vinyl turntables and phono stages.

Technical specifications: 

  • True concentric conductor layout
  • 37% long crystal pure copper/63% perfect surface pure copper
  • 4 core 12 gauge
  • The live/neutral wires are each equipped with independent silver-plated shielding layers and silver-plated ground wires.
  • Ground loop noise emission technology
  • Zero characteristic impedance non-compressed current transmission technology

Note: American connections are for export only

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