Oyaide DR-510 digital cable

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product specifications

project name DR-510
cable FTVS-510 (5N pure silver 75 ohm coaxial core)
plug SLSC (Sterling Silver Contact RCA)


Use 5N (99.9995%) pure silver as the center conductor.
Silver is the most conductive and ideal conductor of all metals, but due to its high price, it is rarely used in products.
Pure silver was chosen because it is the least likely conductor material to deteriorate in "connecting and transmitting" signals.

The manufacturing process is carried out in a high-frequency electric furnace, where 5N (99.9995%) pure silver is molded into a round rod with a diameter of 15mm.
Through the advanced production process, continuous casting method, 19 passes of cold rolling, two annealings, diamond drawing processing, and then surface rolling treatment are completed to complete high-quality silver wires without crystal seams to ensure an unobstructed signal path.

 Insulation Materials

FTVS-510 uses fluororesin (PFA) with optimal insulation properties to reduce signal loss caused by insulators.
PFA has the lowest dielectric constant among existing resin insulators. PE (polyethylene) containing air is installed and filled through foaming.
It prevents the increase in dielectric constant caused by the filling layer and increases the flexibility of the cable.
Not only the electrical characteristics are improved, but also the internally generated vibration can be quickly attenuated through the changed resonance point.

 Semiconductor layer

When designing this time, the biggest problem was to eliminate static electricity. PFA is an insulating material with excellent electrical properties, but when signals flow in the cable,
Weak vibrations will occur, and statically charged substances will cause corona discharge due to vibrations. In order to solve this problem, "DR-510" coats the periphery of the filling layer with a PE semiconductor layer to solve this problem. The semiconductor layer helps to effectively Ground releases electrostatic buildup from the PFA layer.


Ultraviolet (UV)-resistant cut polyurethane is used on the exterior so it can be used outdoors.
Even if used outdoors for a long time, there is no need to worry about external deterioration or cracking compared with traditional products.

 2 layers of shielding

"FTVS-510" further strengthens the shielding by enhancing resistance to high-frequency noise on the periphery (copper foil shielding layer), and the frequency characteristics of the silver-plated copper braid prevent low-frequency noise. It also prevents high-frequency noise through the skin effect of silver plating.

 5N pure silver connection terminal

"OYAIDE - SLSC" (Pure Silver Contact RCA) is used in the connector part to improve the conductivity and stability of the wire

Use suitable special solder "SS-47"
Terminals and conductors are soldered using audio-specific "SS-47". "SS-47" uses 99.993% (4N) high-purity tin.

Silver and copper are mixed to improve conductivity. Ordinary alloy solder, the synthesis ratio of silver is 3~3.5%,
However, SS-47 uses up to "4.7%" silver, which greatly increases the conductivity and maximizes the performance of the speaker.

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