Oyaide FPSG-2.0Y ground wire

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Length: 1.8M
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Japan Oyaide FPSG-2.0Y silver ground wire

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Reviewed by Audiotechnique
Simcere's agent has arranged 6 connectors and 3 lengths of FPSG-2.0 Y ground wires for this publication. I plan to test them through the basic steps first. The ground box used this time is Entreq's new Tellus ll. It is different from the previous generation. The interior is divided into 3 independent compartments. I can divide it into analog, digital and power grounding. Binji’s approach is to disconnect all the ground wires in use first, and then listen to music for a while to feel the effect of not having a ground wire. I connected the ground wires to the equipment one by one. For my own convenience, I chose the 2008 original music selection, including the Allegro of the Fourth Movement of Beijiu. This music made me quickly feel the power of FPSG-2.0Y. At first, I only connected 1 of them. A ground wire was connected to the dCS Vivaldi SACD/CD turntable case. The height of the sound field immediately increased, and then I heard that the lines of the instruments became clearer and thinner. This effect was something I could only achieve by using two or more copper ground wires in the past. Unexpectedly, the FPSG-2.0 Y can actually beat two. Then I connected the ground wire to the Vivaldi clock. If this was not a four-piece combination, this ground wire would have been connected to the CD turntable at the same time. Maybe the clock is sensitive. equipment, so after connecting the ground wire, the background of the music became dark and the sound field was pushed back and deepened. At the same time, I noticed that the high-frequency air feeling was also transparent. The two FPSG-2.0 Y's made the sound and image float. To highlight it, wouldn’t it be even more powerful if the front stage was also connected to the ground wire? It turns out that after connecting the third ground wire, the sound will be more refined, and the weak sound details will be more than before, but the feeling of starting from scratch is too shocking, and the current effect is like the icing on the cake, until I can't even use the Vivaldi decoder. After connecting a ground wire, the situation changed dramatically. It can be heard that the sound field is stretched horizontally, and the positioning and texture of the instruments are also slightly improved. This shows that the ideal grounding effect is to connect each equipment to at least 1 ground wire. , and the FPSG-2.0 Y gives me an immediate feeling. Once the equipment is connected, the effect will come in a few seconds. It is especially obvious for digital and power products. Whether to use it or not is simply two worlds. If I want to come up with a smart way As for the grounding plan, it must be connected to the power supply first, then the digital equipment, and finally the analog equipment. If the silver bullet is limited, it must be used on the power supply no matter what. Leave other equipment for future upgrades!

FPSG-2.0 Y has no so-called sound bottom or changes the sound of the equipment. I think the grounding effect is different. Checking the ground wires and ground boxes not only resets the status of the equipment to zero, but also has an anti-static effect. , when the equipment is no longer affected by interference, its performance will naturally be incisive and vivid. The key is whether the zeroing action is done thoroughly? For example, Oyaide's 5N sterling silver ground wire is a complete performance. Instead of throwing rocks at random, it is better to concentrate resources and hit the target with one hit. With the performance of FPSG-2.0 Y, I believe many enthusiasts will be surprised!

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