Oyaide MTB-6 II carriage

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Japanese Oyaide MTB-6 II power strip

  • Made in Japan, Japanese design and production
  • 2mm thick non-magnetic matte black lacquered brass body
  • Dedicated SWO-DX-ULTIMO power socket
  • Water and fire parallel wiring for separate sockets
  • Power Inlet PP power input socket, platinum + palladium plated conductors
  • 4N sterling silver 2mm single-core sterling silver wiring (skin pass processing)
  • Ground Wiring: 3398-14, XLPE Insulated 102SSC
  • Mixed shock-absorbing and shock-absorbing materials
  • Use electromagnetic wave absorbing tape MWA-010T
  • Oyaide SS-47 soldering
  • Brass Pyramid: Adjustable at 3 or 4 points
  • Dimensions/weight: W75mm x D275mm x H60mm / 1580g

The quality of Japanese craftsmanship is unique. Oyaide specializes in producing the latest wiring materials and accessories, including the first-ever MTB-4 II (4 sets of threads) and MTB-6 II (6 sets of perforated) power strips. This is the second generation version of Oyaide’s flagship power strip MTB launched 15 years ago, and Oyaide has fully reflected the research results of these years in it. The MTB II power strip uses a 2mm thick non-matte black lacquered brass body, 2mm 4N sterling silver internal wiring and MTB II-specific gold- and silver-plated SWO-DX-ULTIMO absorbers. In addition, a variety of materials are used to Various vibrations.

In order to minimize the vibration of the MTB II power strip, each socket is supported by a metal pillar from the bottom. In the fixing screw part, Oyaide added different polyoxymethylene (POM) to absorb vibration.

The water and live wires of each socket are directly connected to the AC power input socket (parallel wiring), and the grounding parts are connected in series. The grounding wiring is 3398-14, which is insulated by cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). 102SSC conductor, 102SSC has an ultra-high conductivity of 102.3%, and mainly uses virgin copper (SSC, Special Surface Copper) with a specially treated surface layer.

The IEC power socket "Power Inlet PP" of the MTB II power strip is fixed on a 2mm thick metal body, and the conductors are platinum-plated and palladium-plated. Around all sockets, Oyaide uses its own electromagnetic wave absorbing tape MWA-010T to remove electromagnetic noise and reduce electromagnetic distortion caused by contact. The bottom of the MTB II power strip has a 4-point shock absorber when shipped from the factory. Oyaide has reserved holes, and users can change it to a 3-point shock absorber. For users who want to upgrade, INS-BS also fully supports installation and replacement. MTB II uses audiophile grade SS-47 soldering.

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