Oyaide MTB-6 (R1) carriage

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Made in Japan Oyaide MTB-6
R1 uses platinum + palladium strip

The power strip is a must-have "infrastructure" for almost every audio player.

The surface of the brass plate is electroless nickel and chrome plated, so the surface is as smooth as a mirror.
Brass has high rigidity and durability, and can reproduce extremely fast sound effects.
The processing of the shell is not only for aesthetics, but also has the effect of anti-electromagnetic wave EMI.
Internal line:
2.0mm 4N pure silver wire conductor. This pure silver wire is not simple. It is pre-cold rolled, annealed twice, and diamond drawn.
Brass pillar:
To maximize vibration and resonance of the chassis, a brass post was installed from the bottom of the chassis. This not only improves the energy of the sound.
The combination of brass pillars and rear-heavy chassis has strong vibration resistance to offset external vibration problems.
Electromagnetic wave absorber:
Internal profile of the IEC entry section for connecting cables to the body.
Absorbs magnetic noise generated at the contact part and reduces magnetostriction through the contact point.
Original socket:
Sockets are the most important part of the power strip, and Oyaide sockets are highly rated in the industry.
*You can also choose a more advanced R0 or R1 socket

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