Oyaide NRF-005T Noise Suppression Tape (Dual Pack)

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Oyaide NRF-005T Noise Suppression Tape
NRF-005T is made of PULSHUT® (high-performance non-woven fabric) jointly developed by Oyaide and Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd. The most special feature of this material is that it is a non-magnetic material, which effectively suppresses electromagnetic noise and radiation signals generated by equipment or wires. Noise etc.

The surface of PULSHUT® non-woven fabric is specially treated to have the best signal noise suppression effect between the MHz frequency band and the GHz frequency band. The thickness of this material is about 0.05mm. It is also extremely light and flexible, so it can be adhered to uneven surfaces. On the other hand, because its surface and cutting surface have high insulation properties, it can be used in a wide range of applications and is safer to use.

In terms of other specifications, the tape width is 15mm, the length is about 4m, and the overall thickness is about 0.11mm. The adhesive surface is made of acrylic adhesive material with low adhesion.

NRF-005T can be applied to audio, AV equipment and cables. The method of use is very simple. Just use scissors to cut out the appropriate length, and then paste it to the input/output terminals of the audio equipment, or areas where noise is generated, as well as wires and plugs All of the above can be used. It is said that when used, it can reduce signal noise without changing or distorting the original sound waveform, effectively improving the subtle expression of the sound.

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