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PANASONIC DP-UB9000 (domestic version) - impressive picture quality, wide sound field space!

It cannot be denied that the convenience of streaming movies (including the streaming method of copying disc content into one's own hard drive library) has changed many people's habit of watching movies at home. However, after many AB comparisons, I personally feel that 100% Bai believes that physical discs are the only way to enjoy the highest picture quality and best sound performance. Unfortunately, there are almost zero options for high-quality 4K UHD Blu-ray disc players on the market that require maintenance. Peugeot Audio Company has introduced the domestic version of Panasonic DP-UB9000 for all 4K UHD enthusiasts. The domestic version has the same voltage as Hong Kong. 4K UHD does not have a region code, which is of course not a problem. However, it must be noted that it cannot play Hong Kong region A Blu-ray discs. Of course, it can play A/B/C all-region coded discs. On the other hand, it is not a Universal Player and cannot play SACD and DVD-A discs.

In fact, long before this Panasonic's top 4K UHD player was launched in Europe, I was the first to appreciate the effect of the British version of DP-UB9000 played on Panasonic OLED TV last year. In terms of picture quality, I think the word "amazing" It's not an exaggeration. There is no doubt that it is the best in terms of picture quality. As for the domestic version in front of me, it is exactly the same. The point is, the domestic version comes with maintenance, so you can feel more at ease when buying it.

Partition layout

The author is a user of Panasonic DMP-UB900 (Panasonic's first-generation top-level 4K UHD player). The reason for purchasing a Panasonic player is very simple. DMP-UB900 has the best picture quality among the previous generation 4K players. I have seen it with my own eyes. Watch a calibrated OLED TV, HDMI cable and power cable for AB comparison.

This generation, the proportions of the chassis finally meet the requirements of audiophiles. It is an aluminum alloy chassis. The power supply, pickup and output, and decoding circuits are divided into three turns out to be just an illusion. The entire motherboard is visible across the chassis. The video processing part extends to the audio circuit, and the production is very serious. It is definitely exclusive, of course it is the pickup box and image processing chip developed by Panasonic in-house. Although Panasonic also produces capacitors, the capacitors in the machine are mainly produced by Japan's Nichicon. This shows that the focus of sound tuning is not to support yourself as the core design.

Dual HDMI output

It is certainly not news that the DP-UB9000 uses dual HDMI outputs. However, the dual output design of Panasonic 4K players is different from other players. Independent video output and independent audio output must be selected in the main settings menu in order to truly output real video with "Video Output HDMI". 4K UHD signal, and normal 3D bitstream sound effects (including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced) output through "Audio HDMI". In other words, its dual HDMI design is mainly for users to set up old equipment. Other digital outputs include coaxial and optical fiber, and the 5V 300mA USB is used to connect to the hard disk. It is worth mentioning that this unit supports external subtitles and also has a "deep sleep" function for run-in.

In addition to the traditional 7.1 RCA terminals, the audio output also has independent two-channel balanced XLR and RCA outputs. On the audio circuit, there are two left and right channels (two XLR and two RCA each) for amplification by Japanese JRC op amp. signal work; for 7.1 channels, one JRC op amp is used for each two channels for audio amplification.

The widest color gamut

The most obvious difference between the DP-UB9000 and previous 4K UHD players is the color gamut. No matter which imaging equipment you choose, you can immediately see richer and more vivid colors. Even though I was just looking at the menu interface of the "Dolby Atmos" test disc, the freshness and color brightness of the pink in the projected image were obviously different from what I had experienced before. If you are a 100% audiophile who values ​​images more than sound effects, a high-quality pure copper or pure silver conductor HDMI cable is indispensable. It will allow you to more fully enjoy the DP-UB9000's images that are outstanding among its peers. Quality performance!

Our reference projector may not have the widest color gamut on the market, but when I plugged the Tributaries UHDT Titan pure copper HDMI cable into the projector, it immediately added color to the image in front of me. Chapter 9~10 of "The Great Entertainer" made me excited. The thick red velvet carpet in the palace has a thick texture and changes in freshness and light, showing a richer red; the bright purple silk clothes in the performing troupe " I have never appreciated the brightness and texture of this projector before; there are also the "Ling" black and dark black that kick the rabbit to death. Different clothing materials and different light receiving positions present a particularly multi-layered and changing black; Nordic actress Rebecca Ferguson The pearl white evening dress on her body is not a wrong-color fluorescent white, but a pearl white with a slight yellow tone and a shimmering feel. The sparkle of the diamonds is certainly not inferior to others; the complexion is more attractive, the red changes on the white face, Every trace of makeup is visible; looking at the changes in dark skin tones, the layers of different skin tones are obvious, and even dark to reflective skin is particularly vivid!

Sharp vision is also the strong point of DP-UB9000. Many enthusiasts will describe it as sharpness. I think it is the image processor designed by Panasonic that can accurately display the true fineness of 4K. From people to objects, you can observe The density of the image is particularly high, and it is particularly delicate. Among them, actors' hair, eyebrows, or animal hair are the easiest to appreciate the extremely fine power of this camera.

As for the three-dimensional effect, different viewers actually have different interpretations. Some viewers think that the foreground and background are obviously a strong three-dimensional effect. I personally have no objection. As long as it is not exaggerated to the point of creating a cut-and-paste three-dimensional book effect, it is indeed a kind of three-dimensional effect. The expression of three-dimensional sense. I think the more attractive three-dimensional effect is to have a strong three-dimensional sense from the foreground to the background and at the same time express a sense of coherence from the foreground to the background, which is the real strength. "Planet Earth 2" 4K UHD provides a large number of test and evaluation images. The fineness of the desert sand changes from front to back, overlooking the azure water of the tropical island and the three-dimensional emerald leaves. In an originally quite The plane vision is also full of three-dimensionality; there are also the stiff hair of the sloth and the thick armor of the Komodo dragon, the tree frog and its transparent body, and the translucent tadpole that is about to burst out of the gel-like egg, crystal clear, and night-time. Glowing Mushrooms... I really hope to watch the entire "Planet Earth 2" series again!

After upgrading to Audioquest Diamond HDMI cable, the expression ability of black levels is further upgraded, and the skin color of the characters no longer has any color cast (you must have a good understanding of the color level expression ability of your monitor).

Super stereo sound field effect

In this 4K UHD version of the documentary, in addition to Dolby Atmos sound effects, there is also a Spatial It failed to gain widespread favor from Hollywood, but with the DP-UB9000, the latter's appeal became even more obvious.

Having experienced the sound expression capabilities of so many 4K UHD players, I don’t think one brand is absolutely better than another. The discontinued O brand wins because of its good balance of high, medium and low frequencies, without adding special timbre, and is neutral. It has the strongest characteristics; another Japanese audiophile brand has the strongest sound texture, dynamic expression ability and sound stimulation, especially attracting audiophiles who like exciting and explosive sound effects. The strengths of this P brand (Off sound effect mode) are its super spatial expression ability of the sound field, the surround sound can easily be seamlessly connected hand in hand, and the audio and video are slightly amplified. It is especially suitable for matching the projection screen, even with our M&K S300 center speaker Placed at the bottom of the screen, and by properly raising the left and right S300s, the vocals were successfully raised to the screen surface. This allowed one to enjoy the best image quality of the non-sound-transparent screen and at the same time solve the problem of the human voice falling below the screen. ! In the Off sound effect mode, when the HDMI signal is transmitted with a pure silver conductor, the low frequency is not a heart-beating type, but an air cushion type. It has strong potential in stimulating low frequencies but does not land hard. To enhance the punching power, I finally switched to the inakustik Armored HDMI 2.0 optical fiber HDMI cable, which has strong and powerful mid-low frequencies. The rich and powerful mid-low frequencies returned immediately.

sound effect mode

The menu interface of DP-UB9000 does not go out of the box of DMP-UB900, but it has more functions than other 4K UHD players. Just like other 4K UHD players, it provides the function of setting HDMI output mode, including 4K 4:2:0 (compressed color coding of 4K UHD) output and audio and video separation settings, and image adjustment functions (including adjusting HDR image correction function), translucent menu for playing disc data, enabling the High Clarity function with the picture on (watching movies) and turning off the High Clarity playback function (listening to music). Although it is not the same as heaven and earth, it is There is an audible difference; there is also the sound effect function, which others call the DSP sound effect function. However, I think the sound effect function of this machine is just to fine-tune the EQ curve. The 11 options are not hugely different, but they can truly provide services that meet actual needs. I think the requirement is not strictly personal taste, but a taste that most users can agree with.

Sound effect selection

As mentioned above, the effect of Off mode is a wide 3D sound field, slightly larger audio and video, and air-cushion low frequency. The other mode is night mode, which reduces the disturbance of low frequency to neighbors (you must know that when the low frequency leaves the emperor's position, the feeling will be completely different); 1-3 Remaster mode, I think is for people who like sharp sounds, low frequencies that hit the heart and fists. For audiophiles who are well-equipped, the choice of 1/2/3 depends on the movie and personal requirements; 1-6 Digital Tube Sound is for watching documentaries/concerts/music movies, and the vocals are obviously smoother ( Smooth and without edges, keeping the articulation clear and sharp) and delicate, with a slight smooth boldness of "vacuum tube". When watching "Dream of Stars", I like to use Digital Tube Sound 1. When watching "Heaven and Earth 2", I like to use Digital Tube Sound 1. Digital Tube Sound 6 Listen to Sir David Attenborough's narration.


Turn on Multi-channel – On of Sound on the menu, and the XLR balanced output will enter working status. I listened to "HKAVE 2016" Track 1, 3, 6, 7, "Musica Nuda" (2012) version and "Spring Snow". What really surprised me was the DP-UB9000's performance in the mids and highs. The performance from vocals to real instruments was very average and accurate. There was no color, flavor or polish added to the vocals or high frequencies. I took a pure CD/SACD player with it. Compared with AB, the pitch of this 4K player is surprisingly ideal. The only thing that audiophiles need to pay more attention to is to use audiophile XLR / RCA signal cables that are powerful enough in the mid-low frequency, have strong attack power, and are heavy and thick enough in the mid-low frequency. Combine the machine/power amplifier, or other methods to enhance the power and attack power of the full range! As a 4K UHD player, I think its music playback performance exceeds its expectations!

General distributor in Hong Kong and Macau: Peugeot Audio Co., Ltd. Price: HK$10,800

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