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The French Elipson company has a history of nearly 70 years. It mainly produces high-end Hi-End speakers. In order to keep up with the audio and video trend, it launched the digital audio-oriented Elipson Planet wireless spherical speaker. Elipson has launched a new version of Planet M in recent years after continuous research and development. It combines high-end design and meticulous aesthetics, retaining the best acoustic technology and the best sound without compromise.

The spherical cabinet is made of fiberglass resin compound and uses internal reinforcement technology to provide sufficient support for the speaker. The surface of the shell is processed with high-grade piano paint technology. The simple and stylish appearance adds to the taste of home life. Planet M spherical speakers have a variety of installation methods, including: table stand, stand, hanging, recessed and other presentations, and can be installed according to your needs. (Note: The product price does not include accessories, stands and other products must be purchased separately)

Product specifications


Planet M


8 Ohms

Sensitivity 88 dB
Withstand power 30-80W
Frequency response 90Hz-22kHz
size Ø15cm
weight 1.65kg
color Black, white, red, gold

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