Project JukeBox S2 Turntable 黑膠唱盤

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Pro-Ject Juke Box S2 Turntable 黑膠唱盤

Building on the ground breaking Juke Box E, Juke Box S2 is taking the first audiophile all-in-one system to the next level. By changing to a more sophisticated acrylic platter and an upgraded, Pro-Ject proprietary, cartridge we gave the Juke Box the extra bit of audiophilia it deserves. Juke Box S2 effectively saves space by implementing a pre-amplifier and power amplifier in its chassis. With the rated 50 watt per channel, you will be able to connect your stereo speakers and you are ready to enjoy your records. 

唱放 Phono preamp

內置 Included

唱頭 Cartridges

Pick it 25A

轉速 Speed

33 / 45 RPM

驅動原理 Drive principle

皮帶 belt drive

砧板 Platter

300mm亞加力膠 300mm acrylic

功率輸出 Power output

2 x 50 Watts (4Ω)

唱臂 Tonearm

8.6吋鋁製唱臂 8.6” aluminium

附送配件 Included accessories

火牛、防塵蓋、遙控 Power supply, dust cover, remote control

功耗 Power consumption

110W max

尺寸 Dimensions

淨重 5.6kg net

其他功能 Feature


功耗 Power consumption

150W max

尺寸 Dimensions

415×118×334 mm (W×H×D)

重量 Weight

淨重 5kg net


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