Shure BLX288 / PG58 Wireless Mic Kit

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SHURE BLX288 / PG58 Wireless Mic Package Function
Integrated microphone diaphragm design, available with trustworthy PG58, SM58® or Beta 58A.
-10 dB gain reduction
Lightweight and durable construction
Color ID protective cover (can be purchased separately)
BLX88 dual channel receiver:

One-click QuickScan frequency selection quickly finds the best open frequency (in case of interference)
Up to 12 compatible systems per band (depending on region)
XLR and ¼-inch output connectors
Microprocessor controlled internal antenna diversity
Dual-color audio status LED indicator
Green: normal audio level
Red: audio level too high (overload/attenuation)
Technical specifications
Number of compatible systems per band: 12
Auto setup function: channel/group scan
Audio reference companding: yes
Antenna: 1/4 wavelength antenna
Antenna options: Yes
PC control: No
Rack Parts: Included
Shell: Molded ABS
Receiver display: multi-function LCD + LED
Battery, power supply time: alkaline battery: 14 hours
Environment: KTV, bar, conference center, hotel, church, school
More technical specifications
PG58 microphone with BLX2 handheld transmitter

Appearance dimensions: 224 mm X 53 mm diameter (8 7/8 X 2 1/8 inches)
Weight: 218 grams (7.7 oz.) (without battery)
Shell: ABS mold
Power Requirements: 2 LR6 AA batteries, 1.5V, alkaline
Battery life: Maximum 14 hours (alkaline battery)

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