Silent Angel Forester F2 Linear Power Supply audio grade linear power supply

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Silent Angel Forester F2 Linear Power Supply audio grade linear power supply

An excellent solution for simultaneously powering high-frequency Hi-Fi audio systems and adjusting the best power supply for Hi-Fi sound quality.
There are 4 different DC output options, 12V/3A; 12V/1A; 5V/2A; 5V/1A. In the 5V output port, there is also a USB interface for users to choose to connect.
By connecting the Basti series, DC upgrade power cord, F2 can provide your high-fidelity system with more optimized power signal quality and improve the overall sound quality performance.
The main circuit board is composed of a completely symmetrical toroidal transformer, and parallel low-noise MOSFETs to reduce internal electronic noise interference. A high permeability EMI absorber is embedded to eliminate high-frequency electrical noise and provide a clean and stable power signal.
All panels are made of thickened aluminum alloy with 8mm thickness on the front and rear panels designed to reduce any vibration and noise

Multiple Outputs

F2 employs multiple DC outputs including 12V/3A, 12V/1A, 5V/2A, and 5V/1A with an option of connecting to USB ports. An ideal solution to upgrade the power source for your HiFi streaming network for the following models:

12V (Max power output budget is 36W):

  • 12V/3A can power Z1
  • 12V/1A can power E1 / N8 Pro

5V (Max power output budget is 10W):

By having an enhanced stable power supply, your device's clock module will be able to perform extremely accurate operations, allow network data packets to be transmitted at precise timing, and reduce possible jitter and latency. This all contributes to improved sound quality. Besides, it also enables streamer devices to run in a stabler status and perform better.

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