Silent Angel Munich M1 Streaming Player

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CapacitySize: 2GB
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Munich M1 is a streaming media player with Spotify Connect, AirPlay, HIGHRESAUDIO, Qobuz, Tidal, DLNA and more!
M1 has many functions. If you only use a single M1, you can use the built-in headphone amplifier and above streaming services to listen with headphones; if you already have DAC, amplifier and other equipment, you can also use its digital (USB, AES, coaxial, I2S) and analog (RCA) outputs to make them a system with streaming capabilities!
In addition, M1 also provides a USB storage expansion slot. As long as you connect a flash drive/external hard drive, you can read the music files in it for playback; you can even share the music folder in your PC through the network. Let M1 directly access and play it!
The best thing is that all operations of M1 are controlled by the exclusive app - VitOS Orbiter, whether it is using streaming media, reading external hard drive files, switching audio output modes, controlling volume, adjusting machine settings, and checking firmware Updates...etc. can all be handled by him!
In addition, M1 has recently obtained the Roon Ready certification from Roon, a music source integration software favored by advanced audio users, which brings the flexibility and expandability of M1 to a higher level; and through constantly updated software and toughness The body ensures that M1 will never fall behind others and continue to improve and improve the user experience!
Now, join the new digital era of music streaming with the "Munich M1 Streaming Player"!

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