Solidsteel S5-3 Series 30th Anniversary Speaker Stand

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Solidsteel S5 Series 30th Anniversary Edition

  • Now every purchase of SOLIDSTEEL S5 audio stand comes with original nail pads
  • All SOLIDSTEEL S5 audio stand licensed products sold by our company are made in Italy

Solidsteel has newly launched the "S5 Series 30th Anniversary Edition ". The design concept and application technology are all derived from the same factory's prestigious top-level product "Hyperspike Series"! In addition to following the modular structure assembly technology developed in the "Hyperspike Series", each layer of the board is also equipped with four nail cones on the bottom that can adjust the horizontal height vertically to enhance the shock. , earthquake-resistant and earthquake-resistant capabilities. In addition, the surface of each aluminum column and laminate is equipped with special damping materials to enhance the seismic performance. Laminates made from neutral density board are 30 mm thick.

Jiahuang S5-3 30th anniversary

Perimeter and top layer dimensions Width 23 inches, height 29.7 inches, depth 16.9 inches
Inner layer board feet/height between layers Width 19.7, height 8/12, depth 16.9 inches

Silver/ Black [30th Anniversary Edition]

Silver/White [30th Anniversary Edition]

Load capacity of each layer 60kg
weight: 30kg| 66.13 pounds

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